African Air Expo is a think tank of the aviation industry.

  • Over the course of 3 days, relevant stakeholders from the industry will meet to discuss today’s challenges as well as tomorrow’s opportunities.
  • Conferences at Air Expo Africa will unite over 200 leading speakers, delegates, thought leaders and industry experts connecting the African aviation sector for innovative sessions.


The Single African Air Transport Market (SAATM)
a flagship project of the African Union Agenda 2063

  • Liberalisation of access to air transport market in Africa
  • Aiming for a harmonized Regulatory Framework
  • How SAATM will ensure aviation plays a major role in connecting Africa,
  • Boost intra-Africa trade and tourism

Driving sustainable growth

  • Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF): Opportunities and Challenges
  • Bio-economy opportunities for Africa
  • Driving Sustainable Growth: Unlocking Africa's Aviation Potential through Sustainability in the green ecosystem
  • Green Aviation - Better flight efficiency and fuel reduction
  • New sustainable fuels and developments
  • African aviation initiatives to support sustainability

AIR CARGO Growth & Opportunities for Africa

  • Unlocking Trade and Economic Opportunities through Air Cargo
  • Importance of air cargo for economic growth in Africa
  • Air cargo as a financial contributor to economies
  • Role of dedicated freighters in the overall ecosystem

Importance of Human Capital in Aviation

  • Diversity, equity and inclusion in aviation – challenges & opportunities
  • Women in aviation
  • Workforce: preparing for the future and developing local talent
  • Aviation Training – opportunities and challenges
  • Investing in the future of capacity and skills development across the Aviation Value-Chain in Africa

Women in Aviation

  • Diversity, equity and inclusion in aviation – challenges & opportunities
  • Women in aviation
  • Workforce: preparing for the future and developing local talent
  • Aviation Training – opportunities and challenges
  • Role and prosperity of women in the aviation industry.
  • Importance of empowering women and adding value in aviation
  • Grow your knowledge and insights into the aviation industry

Aviation in Africa: Key Focusses & Major Developments

  • The Future of African Aviation – Airline & Airports and the African Aviation Ecosystem
  • Connecting Africa to the world & beyond
  • African Aviation Cooperation: Strengthening and Harmonizing Policies and Regulatory Framework
  • How African airports can prepare for AAM (advanced air mobility)

Investment Opportunities in the Aviation Ecosystem

  • Global Aviation Investment Trends
  • Aviation Investment Areas & Priorities across Africa 
  • Promoting Public-Private Partnerships across Africa
  • Financing Challenges & Opportunities in Africa

Safety & Security across aviation ecosystem

  • Key aviation safety & security trends
  • Advancing African Airport Operations
  • Challenges & opportunities across Africa
  • Infrastructure, Technology, and Passenger Experience
  • Aviation security & safety and future impacts of AI

Air Traffic Management & Airport Security 

  • Key Trends & Challenges - Rising costs and benefits
  • Airport Cyber Security Services
  • Digital Traffic Control
  • Safety, Security and Sustainable Operations throughout Africa

Role and Growth of Business Aviation in Africa

  • Key business aviation trends and opportunities
  • Enhancing Connectivity, Efficiency, and Economic Growth
  • Liberalisation, Connectivity, Regional Integration, International Collaboration and Partnerships

MRO’S and the Future of Maintenance

  • Key African trends in MRO’s
  • OEM’s and their increasing role in MRO’s
  • MRO Opportunities and Challenges
  • Initiative to elevate Africa's local MRO capabilities

Role of Governments & Regulators across Africa

  • Roles to be played by different stakeholders in the aviation ecosystem development across African government agencies
  • De-regulation of the skies and the road ahead
  • Traffic Rights & Aero Political trends
  • Changing role of aviation regulators
  • Drones and impacts on aviation regulations

Why you should attend the African Air Expo Conferences

    • Hear from diverse, high-level speakers from aviation thought leaders, regulators and operators
    • See the latest technology innovations breaking into the market and propelling the African industry
    • Engage with experts from across the industry and find out about developments throughout the three-day event
    • Learn through attending one of the exciting panels and sessions to deepen your knowledge and get the conversation going
    • Meet with peers and gain a competitive advantage with unlimited networking opportunities, allowing you to make business connections with new customers and suppliers
    • Bench-mark with the leading global best practices to align with changing trends 
    • Network with aviation industry leaders and operational practitioners 
    • Grow your knowledge and insights into the aviation industry